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Hi can I get a private post please ….. me and my partner have been together fo…

Hi can I get a private post please ….. me and my partner have been together for 4 years live together and are tying for a baby, we both work full time only my wage is like 3 times what he gets so every month I find myself paying all the bills we both work hard but I really hate my job it’s actually getting me down my boss is horrid to me constantly I have tried going above her but got nowhere (she has had about 5 complaints from other staff members in the last 6 months) she lies her way out of every single complaint and bullies other staff members into lying for her it’s exhausting ….. anyway my problem is yes I have a well paid job, a nice house I own my own car and my boyfriend is great we are really happy and he doesn’t take the p**s at all but I am literally paying for everything!! I feel like I am dragging myself every day through a job I hate and can’t leave just to pay it all out, I dont even have enough left to treat myself, I know it’s part of being an adult and having a roof over my head should be good enough but I just feel really down about it all to the point where I am constantly snappy! I try to explain that i am not happy at work and that I feel like there is too much pressure on me because without my wage we would be in the s**t but then I feel bad because I can tell the fact he doesn’t get paid as much really grates on him and I hate bringing it up, I honestly feel like I am about to have a break down and to top it all off we are having no luck with getting pregnant and I have PCOS so I feel guilty because I know it’s my fault 😢😢😢 any advice right now would be great my anxiety is playing overtime with me 😢


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  • Can you reply please …. we can afford to live comfortably can I refrase it’s not that I can’t afford to treat myself because I can I just feel guilty doing so and my partners wage is only low at the moment because he is not fully qualified in his trade yet it will go up massively within the next 12 months so it’s not forever it just feels like it’s all getting on top of me at the moment

  • Look for another job honestly I felt the same about my job 3 years ago and changed carer and took a big pay cut and it was the best thing I did. Yes its hard but you get by. There are always things you can cut back on. Your partner should be helping with something if he earns less than you or not, he couldnt live for free if he lived alone.

  • Can you not look for a similar good elsewhere . I know the feeling of hating a job and there is nothing worse . What does your partner work as ? Is he motivated to get a better paid job at all ?

  • Look for a new job. You can use your current salary to bargain with. My OH got his requested hourly rate in his current job (his previous job was salaried,worked out on 40 hours,although he’s had a raise since then). Know your worth and know you deserve to be happy at work. Partners support each other,and a year isn’t so long. How about, instead of feeling guilty for treating yourself, you don’t? You are worthy of a good life

  • Could you look for a new job that’s in a different company? Where you would be paid the same? Or you could downsize your house… seems to me that it’s fantastic having it all but means nothing if your not happy so try and find a balance or some compromises… hope you work it out c

  • While ur so stressed u have less chance of falling pregnant honey. I have pcos and was so stressed about getting pregnant for years and wen i relaxed and accepted how things were i fell pregnant myself jst as was about to start ivf xx

  • But at the same time if u wait till you feel ur financially stable, u never will have baby. Unless u win the lotto xxx


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