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Hi can I have a post please? It’s a bit of a long one so bear with me please I h…

Hi can I have a post please?
It’s a bit of a long one so bear with me please😊
I had my baby just over 6 months ago and I never got baby blues I never felt low and I was doing amazing, i was happy! But when she was about 2/3 months old I started feeling rubbish, I can’t budge my baby weight no matter what, I never get out the house because I have 0 confidence and I often panic when I’m out alone, my partner never comes out with us or spends time with us (he has really bad anxiety and worries when out with us but he panics incase the baby has one of her meltdowns although he’s brilliant with her at home he’s scared incase he can’t settle her or anything) even though he knows how happy it makes me… I kept getting feelings and having dreams that something seriously bad was going to happen to my baby(this was another reason why I constantly stay in my house) so I decided to go to the doctors and see what they said… I poured my heart out to the doctor and told him how down and fed up I am when In fact this should be the happiest time of my life… it seemed like he didn’t care and he fobbed me off with sertraline anti depressents, he didn’t even give me an appointment for a follow up to see if they were helping he put them on repeat prescription and sent me on my way… I’ve been on these for about 6/7 weeks now and they don’t make me feel even remotely better, I know they often take a while to get into your system but surely I should be feeling a slight bit better by now?
So my question is if I go back to the doctors do you think they will give me something else or will I have to stay on these and waste my time going to the doctors?
Also any ideas how to get past this panic stage so I can start taking my daughter out without worrying constantly?

Again sorry for the long post lol needed to get most of that off my chest xx


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  • You should go back to see a doctor, either the same one, or another !!! Maybe Sertraline isn’t working for you, maybe the time of day your taking it needs changing, maybe the dose. As someone who has suffered PND and does now have panic attacks and anxiety it does sound as though you are requiring something to see you through.
    I have to say, the hardest thing, yet by far the best thing, is to get yourself out there. Try and find a ‘busy-bodies’/play-group etc in your local area. No medication helps as much as adult conversation, better still with people who have been there/understand !!!
    My belonging to a toddler group saved my life – literally, as I wanted to end it all last year !!!!
    Please seek help, if you need someone to talk to, I’m not brilliant, however I can listen !!!!! Take care.

  • Oh Hun, sorry to hear that you’re feeling like this. Sadly it seems to be the case now that most doctors just prescribe tablets willy nilly. The same happened to me when I went to them about feeling anxious. I would 100% go back and advise you want to explore other options – it could be Post natal depression/anxiety or generalised anxiety disorder – either way there are therapies out there which are highly effective such as cognitive behavioural therapy – I’ve had this three times now and it works wonders! Fingers crossed each time I go back my anxiety is less than before so hopefully one day it will go completely. The purpose of CBT is to teach you why you feel like you do and strategies to cope with your thoughts and feelings. It doesn’t work for everyone but I really recommend giving it a shot xxx

  • Contact your health visitor
    huni, they can support and link you in to any agencies in your area. And see gp again. Xx all the best huni,


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