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Hi can I have a ppp. I have a 21 month old son and about 2 months ago probably l…

Hi can I have a ppp.
I have a 21 month old son and about 2 months ago probably longer he started with a runny nose and cough on a night, ( he was ok in himself though) I thought it was just a cold but about 3 weeks went by and his nose was still constantly running (thick green snot) so I took him to the Drs the first dr I seen said it may be hay fever so to try him with piriton for a week and to come back if nothing changed, nothing changed so took him back but seen a diff dr who said it was just something we would have to live with 😳 a few days later I still wasn’t happy so took him back and seen the first dr who said to stop using plug ins in the house stop spraying air freshers, deodorant etc and see if that worked, anyway his nose stopped running but his cough had got worse, Its either a dry bark and you can tell it’s hurting him to cough or sometimes he’s actually coughing stuff up, took him back to the Drs and they’ve gave me an inhaler to try for 3 weeks then to take him back, he’s been using the inhaler for over a week now and it’s no better you can hear the flem on his chest when he’s breathing until he coughs to clear it up. Anyone got any ideas? Feel like the Drs aren’t taking it seriously enough surely it’s not normal to be coughing stuff up and his runny nose has started again even though I haven’t been using the plug ins etc again, like I say he’s totally fine in himself eating normally drinking fluids playing etc. Sorry for the long post, TIA x


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