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hi can i have a ppp i have a (not that it really matter) a gay friend (E). s…


can i have a ppp

i have a (not that it really matter) a gay friend (E). she and her wife (A) have been going through some rough times the last few years (they have been married 10years)
they tried IVF. A got pregnant 2 times but both times baby died in the first 10 weeks. E can’t be the birth mother due to various medical issues.
They are now trying to adopt from Argentina or South Africa but since E is (amongst other things) type 2 diabetic its a struggle to adopt for them since E apperently is going to die young and leave the child with a single mum (i know, its insain)

E ended up very depressed so she ended up speaking to a psychologist she got prescibed an antidepressant and got happier.

yesterday E broke down and explained to me that she and A had a big fight at the end of june (about the lack of children) and that A have taken a 2 weeks “work away from home” job.
It also turns out that E psychologist (imo) lured her into sleeping with her and E is now torn who she wants to be with. Apperently the psychologist is very good in bed and A isn’t. So as soon as E and psychologist starts talking about serious things the psychologist “goes down on E” and she gets very confused.

Now to me this is wrong in so many ways. E refuses to tell me the name of the psychologist. But there has to be something i can do? Or should i just butt out? The psychologist must be breaking some sort of law?

(i don’t know A very well.. Me and E have been friends for 20 years. Both E and A are in the early 30s)


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