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Hi can I have a ppp? Just looking to see what other mums would do in this situ…

Hi can I have a ppp?

Just looking to see what other mums would do in this situation…so today I was in a coffee shop with my son and there was a kids play area so I sat at the table next to it so my 14 month old son could play while I enjoyed a cuppa. He was the only child in the play area at the time but then 2 more children came to play too. The wee girl was at least 3 and she was taking every toy off my son but I know kids do this so I wasn’t bothered but my son would every now and again go up to the girl and she would push him away so to avoid any tumbles I kept moving my son away from her. Then she started putting her foot up to him and at one point she went to kick him…only I was quick enough to move him she would would have kicked him up the face (she was sitting on a wee chair and my son was standing) the child’s mother was sitting watching her wee girl and did nothing!!! If my boy had lifted his foot to another child I would have took him away and told him off even at 14 months! But this wee girl was so much older so should have known! Then I over heard the wee girl saying to her mother that the baby (my son) was annoying her so she pushed him away and her mothers reply was ‘good girl’!!! I was livid so I put my son in his buggy to play and then I just left the coffee shop because i was so cross but I didn’t want to make a scene but I really regret not saying anything!What would other mums have done in the situation?


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