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Hi can i have a private post please. I honestly dont know what to do and cant ta…

Hi can i have a private post please. I honestly dont know what to do and cant take much more. I have a little boy who is 2 and hes always hitting me or throwing things at me. Doesnt matter where we are he will smack me in the face, through toys at me the lot. His dad lives with us but doesnt really help out with anything as he works so hard. I understand he does but i work too and need help! He also screams at the top of his lungs if i get him into trouble/he doesnt get his own way. I have suffered from sever PND before and fear its all coming back. I have no friends, and my family only get in touch when it suits them. Sorry for the long post, like i said dont know how much longer i can cope xx


7 thoughts on “Hi can i have a private post please. I honestly dont know what to do and cant ta…

  • Can you reply to my post ive tried naughty spot he just screams? MIL keeps saying i better watch when he starts nursery?

  • Just keep saying, “No, in our family we don’t hit people.” Then calmly lead him to time out and say, “you can sit here and think about ways to use gentle hands.” At two years old time out should be no more than two minutes. Then go to him and take his hand and stroke your face with it and say something like, “this is how we use gentle hands.”

    Try to keep your own voice calm and relaxed even if he is screaming and shouting. Make sure you give him praise and cuddles and say things like, “good job calming down.”

    It’s not uncommon two year old behaviour. Good luck! xxx

  • Important thing is you are boss take back controle use naughty step or time out it will work after a wile but at first he will try blag you as its something he can have more controle over you with and dont let him hit you ect when he does put him in time out or compleetly remove him from your personal space dobt give cuddles to him if he is being naughty

  • I had PND and they kept telling me that’s Wat it was n that I just wasn’t coping with my son . . . My son was actually diagnosed with Autism at 2 n half! (He’s 8 now) They convinced me it was me n depression! Until they saw it for themselves.

    Go to your health visitor and make a list of all the worrying behaviour, if u can record any behaviour that helps also! Inbox me if u need to chat X

  • He’ll be old enough to understand the naughty step technique now. Just persist with it, you’ll have a break through and it’ll be so much better

  • Speak to a professional rather than a group. We can’t help you if you have a medical condition. Sounds like the wee man needs some proper discipline. Not a chance my two year old would get away with that I’m afraid!!


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