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Hi can I have a private post please. I’m posting for my mum as she doesn’t use F…

Hi can I have a private post please. I’m posting for my mum as she doesn’t use Facebook.
My sister turned 19 in November and she has another child under 16. She receives rent benefit and council tax reduction as she’s a single parent. She hasnt let them know that my sister has turned 19 and is earning a wage because she didn’t realise that she needed to as she still sees her as her child….
Someone at work was in the same situation and owed the council money and now she’s panicking that she will have to pay all of the rent money and council tax back, but she’s worrying that she can’t afford it and will have to move into my grandparents. She knows that she has to pay the council tax top up as she will lose the single occupancy but what happens with the rent benefit? She says that my sisters name is on the rent claim, but will she have to pay the whole lot back or just a certain percentage? It’s private rented too, so not sure if the bedroom tax applies? Thanks


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  • It’s for a dependant child only. She’s gonna have quite a lot to pay back. They will let her do a payment plan but if her daughter is earning a wage then she’ll probably have to pay most of her rent and the arrears on top. Yes bedroom tax applies it doesn’t matter if private rented, it applies to anyone paying housing benefit.

  • It’s a certain percentage but I can’t remember how much but should be able to make a payment plan aslong as she sticks with it should be fine I’m sure it sister would pay towards keep too

  • A lot of people are unaware of when they need to update details. If she speaks to a housing officer they can come up with a payment plan that’s affordable. Atleast she’s now realised sooner rather than later

  • She will be made to pay it back. A percentage of her Her housing benefit, Council tax. She’ll be allowed to pay it back in installments.

  • She needs to let them know of a change in circumstances and take it from there. If she has problems or needs help contact citizens advice.

  • She’s cheating the welfare system she should be grateful they allow her to pay back the stolen money rather than kicking her out and taking her welfare away completely.


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