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Hi can I have a private post please. So back in 2014 i broke up with my then fe…

Hi can I have a private post please.

So back in 2014 i broke up with my then few month old daughter’s dad after domestic violence. Since then I shut myself of from the world completely, not willing anyone to come into our lives to hurt us again. But last year that all changed, I met someone and I let my guards down he was great with me and my daughter when though we wasn’t technically together, then it started to get complicated with relationship decisions and it was a tough road, I have ptsd so I was struggling and he was struggling unknowingly of depression, finally a few months on we got into a relationship and things got worse, he started getting stressed with my daughter and I was lashing out at him for being that way with her and then we would argue and it would all get too much, at the end of February this year he called it quits and blamed it all on me how it had come to that decision, after 3 weeks of be heartbroken, drowning in guilt I thought about it and told him that it wasn’t all my fault, if he had communicated more and took my advice that he asked for about my daughter instead of saying no and doing his own thing anyway, and so on (a lot of things were difficult) he finally messaged and called me back in the middle of the night asking for another chance and he now knows what he can do to help.. so we did..but at the time he decided this I was in the process of loosing my home and was still under stress but things were better, a lot better and him and my daughter got on just like they used to.. a month on and he went to visit his dad who he handy actually had contact with for a while due to them telling him he was almost put up for adoption my his mother (which was denied by his mum and made him much worse) and he went to visit him for a week.. they lived quite far away in a lovely beach town and when he come back they all suggested we move up there with them into their house until we found somewhere of our own, he had no home due to his mum saying she’s getting rid of the house and he has to find somewhere and I was loosing my home, so we did it and within a week I’d paid for a removal van which his dad drove down from where they was to come and pick all my stuff up, paid for the petrol and once we got there I paid 2 months of storage for all my stuff and they moved their own kids into their bedroom so we could have one for me him and my daughter. The next day everything changed, he shut of from me and my daughter, and every time I asked him what was wrong he just said it was his head, and then he started saying I’m pissing him off by asking him, but usually when his heads bad he wants me to sit and hug him. This time he didn’t, he’d leave every room I walked into and constantly told me how my daughter was doing something wrong (all the friends she’s had have been violent and mean to her so she copies and I’m trying my hardest to get her out of it)me and my daughter had just moved miles away from anyone or anywhere we knew into a house full of people we didn’t know, I felt so uncomfortable and my daughter struggles with changes. All I wanted to do was cry, I have high anxiety and I just constantly felt like I was in the way and doing something wrong and so was my daughter and he couldn’t even tell us we was doing okay or ask if we was alright. Every dispute we had he’d start shouting and saying things that I was doing that I wasn’t so they could here. It was like this for 7 days and then he turned around and said he couldn’t take it anymore and broke up with me.. we was there for a week.. he blamed me for not making him smile once in that week, that we hadn’t spoken (which we did just rarely) we had hardly settled in, and by that evening it was planned that I had to go by his family and that he needed to be alone and so on.. I had to spend all the savings I had left of transport to get to my mums the next day who also lived miles away from my previous home and family so now 5 days on I’m left with no money, no home, and I’m completely broken, I left that place behind for a fresh start and moved miles away to a place I didn’t know to have a happy life. No where seems like home apart from the area where his dad lives. I don’t know what to do. He says that he did it because of how we was in the past and how we was in that week, but what he’s not understanding is that we got over the past, we fixed it and that week was us settling in and needing him. I want him back so much and I don’t know where to turn 😪 sorry for the long post xx


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