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Hi can I have a private post please. This is going to be long so, please bare wi…

Hi can I have a private post please. This is going to be long so, please bare with me. Thank you. Some young girl I know who is 17, has been thrown out of her Mums house for about six months now with her 10 month old child. She suffered a traumatic childhood (physical and sexual abuse). She is living in a hostel type place with her child. The Child isn’t best cared for, as she only sees her mum and her mums friends. The girl told me I was ‘making her feel bad’ when she told me her support worker had told her child needs 3 proper meals a day at nearly 10 months old. I said I agreed with the support worker and when she went on to tell me that she was only feeding her some quavers and some chips all day as she spent her money on cigarettes and god knows what else. She keeps the child out visiting friends with her all day and night sometimes till midnight. She smokes vannabis with the friends and drinks alcohol all while with her child!!! She refused to go to a mother and baby unit which social services keep suggesting in the hope she will go, but she will not. She has recently made false allegations up about a close family member and then admitted it was false. She seems to be in total melt down, but it’s the child I am worried about. Any suggestions on what to do?? Should I inform someone? I feel really bad and would feel worse if something was to happen. I can’t really talk to her as she just plays the vicitm. Please help


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