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Hi can I please have a private post.. I need some advice urgently please.. Basi…

Hi can I please have a private post.. I need some advice urgently please..

Basically we’re due to move house next Thursday so literally a week away, with a private landlord. We fell across the house by someone we knew and rentals are high demand in our area and have been unlucky with the estate agents. On our first view he listed several jobs that he would complete before move date which included converting a coalshed into a utility, redo the overgrown garden and decorate the very dated wallpaper. These are the things he has not done now (by choice not lack of time) and is still expecting £800 rent. On our last visit (Monday) to see the decorated areas and newly fitted kitchen the landlord said he is now keeping the coalshed as a landlord cupboard to store furniture. We are hugely uncomfortable with this as will not feel like our home and also things like house insurance to consider. Mainly we were having this room as a utility now it’s a whole room being taken away. We’ve discussed with the landlord he said the only other option is for us to pay for his storage fees and will raise rent to £850. We’ve not signed anything yet so don’t have anything to stand by.. we really need help mid packing and potentially don’t have somewhere to move. We have a one year old and need to be settled as soon as possible. Has anyone experienced anything similar or has any suggestions on what we can do with only one weeks notice? We really are not comfortable with him having a cupboard within our home.. he declined having the garage for storage. TIA x


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