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Hi could I have a post please. My now ex has had so many opportunities but ever…

Hi could I have a post please.
My now ex has had so many opportunities but everytime something comes up and for whatever reason he couldn’t spent time with us (we don’t live together) it got to the point where he would see us once every couple of weeks for a few hours. I could understand if he was at work but he only works Saturday and Sunday so had all week to spend a little time with us. He spends all of his time out with his friends and acts like we don’t exist! If I try and call him he won’t answer. He will never call or text first and I’m so sick of this feeling like we’re not apart of his life! When he finished work on Saturday he promised he would come and talk to me because I told him I wasn’t happy with how this is working, but he was going out for an hour or so after work. Surprise, surprise he didn’t turn up as usual. He text me at just gone midnight!!! Saying he lost track of time. I stupidly gave him yet again another chance to come today he told me he finished work at 1pm and he would come after at about 11am he text saying he had got his hours mixed up and he was working a late shift and started at 5pm so I said why can’t you come now, and yet again no reply!!! So I text him saying that was his last chance I give up trying to force him to be apart of our life. I can’t help feeling upset that we’re over. I still have hope that he will change, I want to message him but I don’t want this to keep happening.


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