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Hi could I have a private post please. I have been seeing someone for over ten …

Hi could I have a private post please.
I have been seeing someone for over ten years on and off, he never fully committed to me. We never slept together ever in ten years. I split up with him for 2 years in the middle met someone else had a child but went bk to the 1st guy that I never slept with as I always have and still feel like he is the love of my life. After I got back with him he still would not fully commit but the last 2 years we have been inseparable. His family don’t know about us as his family will never agree to me as I have a child and I don’t feel he would ever want me as his wife so he would never fight to be with me. Anyways recently he has had an arranged marriage he always told me he wanted this he’s always been honest about it. He chose the girl he wanted to marry his family arranged it . He had a big wedding but he wants me to stand by him. Even though we never slept together we did everything else and I was ok with not sleeping with him as he wanted to wait till he got married. Am so upset heart broken feel like my world has fallen apart he keeps saying nothing will change between us but it will coz he’s married now. I don’t want to be his second choice were he uses me when he likes but am not very strong. Please can people give me advice on how I can walk away from him. This is killing me I have manic depression and I have really bad anxiety I can’t eat sleep am thinking about him all the time. The girl he married is stunning younger and thinner than me. I just can’t stop thinking how could he have gone though with it. I need to forget about him but don’t feel I can, I think I’ll just let him bk in my life but I don’t want to but am not strong enough to walk away. What can I do to avoid him ave took his number off my phone told him it’s over but he says it’s not. I love him so much, he is a very good supportive person that always looks out for me I know he cares for me. I can’t forgive him how could he chose someone else that he dose not know very well that he spoke to a few times as his wife. I gave him ten years supported him was ok to be with him with out the sex. He is amazing with my little boy I just don’t know what to do. He is a good person just got married to someone else so dose that mean I meant nothing or dose he just want his cake and eat it.


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