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Hi could i have a private post please its a long one not baby related thankyou …

Hi could i have a private post please its a long one not baby related thankyou ❤
Hi im a 23 year old with 2 children i have 3 illnesses, lupus, thrompacitapinia and cushnings syndrome,
I have been on steroids now for 5 nearly 6 years im a big lady ive tried literally everything all the diets juice plus, weight watchers slimming world, gym nothing is shifting this weight im so conscious of it i dont leave my house as im afraid of everyone looking and calling me (all in my head) so today i went to the doctors and it took me 9 days to get the courage to go out and when i got to the doctors she was judging me straight away told me she could see that i was morbidly obese and then told me she wasnt handing mophine out on a plate (i never asked her for this she just said it i asked for some stronger painkillers as i cant cope with the pain from my lupus then she was being really narky with me saying i need to take 8 tramadol with 8 paracetomal daily (which i wont as its really stupid) then i said is it safe as my partner works long hours and then she started to be differnt saying oh ill bung some paracetomal on your prescription then there aswell then😕 and then as she did it all she went on one saying you could of bought them there only a couple of pence from tesco i never asked for them i already have them in, so anyway i go out rang my mum crying and she rang the doctors goin mad and i went back after about 4 hours of persuasion to make a formal complain does anybody know the next step ? This post may seem so daft to people but i needed to let it out i dont have any friends no one apart from family and other half i dont like to tell them i feel like a burden all the time. I think its also starting to grind on my other half as he disappears for hours on end to just because of the simple fact i have to build my self up a few days before i go out i ask for nothing all i do is look after my children make sure my house is clean sorry about banging on i just dont know which way to turn please try not to judge me i feel like such a shit mum and a shit partner xx


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