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Hi could i have pp please? My little boy turned 2 in March and we have decided t…

Hi could i have pp please? My little boy turned 2 in March and we have decided to start potty training this week as im on holiday so can spend the time with my son and hopefully get him out of nappies! Do any of mums and dads have any tips for potty training! He’s currently kicking about with no nappy and im asking him every 5/10 mins if he needs a pee pee. Already peed on the couch and floor this morning. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Also this is my only child at the moment so its my first time. Thanks xx


5 thoughts on “Hi could i have pp please? My little boy turned 2 in March and we have decided t…

  • It sounds like you’re doing all the right things so far. Just letting him roam around with no bottoms on and asking him if he needs to go quite often. It’s trial an error when it comes to potty training. I tried really hard to get my little girl to use the potty at around the same age as your little one BUT she was petrified of using the potty or the toilet. She would hold it and cry until she literally just couldn’t hold it any longer. I gave up pressuring her and then when she turned 3, she did it by herself. Started taking herself to the toilet and has been dry since. So in my case, I had to wait until she was ready. I hope you have better luck than me but I honestly think they will do it when they’re ready and with a little encouragement rather than pressure xx

  • It took me until it was 2 months away from her going to nursery for me to acc get her potty trained thought it was never going to happen she was months past 3 but eventually got there just keep going if he has an accident just clean it up n explain the potty to him again ! I also found a wee chart everytime she done a pee she got 1 sticker to put on and then a poo 2 stickers and we would try and fill it up lol 🙂 I also got a really good potty had a wee seat and lid and all looked almost like a real toilet she loved it that helped 🙂 sorry not much advice but keep trying and good luck x

  • I’ve just trained my little boy who’s two and a half . I have always been told . If they can’t go nappy free without peeing for an hour their not ready . Can he tell you when he’s done a wee or poo ? Like when he’s had a nappy on does he let you know ? Also don’t ask every 5 to 10 minutes . He will get bored and doesn’t need to be asked that often

  • My LG is 2 in aug. I planned to start once she was 2 but the other week she took her nappy off and did a pee on the potty. I’m just kinda going with it. Asking every now and then and she now in pants in house during the day and pull up if out or at night as she’s not quite aware of when she needs yet. She is ready tho and in control so I just go with that


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