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Hi could u ask something please, I had a baby boy 2 weeks ago and he will not s…

Hi could u ask something please,
I had a baby boy 2 weeks ago and he will not settle in a Moses basket, I was literally holding him all night and no sleep (father is plain lazy & doesn’t help) the last week I’ve been co sleeping .. he seems to like being close to my body to settle, last 2 nights I’m holding him until he falls asleep then put him in a Moses basket but he wakes up crying within seconds .. I don’t want to co sleep really cause I won’t relax,
I spoke to HV which was not helpful for ideas, I’ve put my top in his Moses basket, I’ve tilted it slightly so he’s not laying flat, I’ve put my hand on his belly, I’ve put this lullaby toy on, I’ve tried singing nursery rhymes, I have tried a dummy (he sometimes likes it sometimes doesn’t) I’ve tried playing, bathing, dressing, feeding him so he’s tired, but the minute u put him in a Moses basket he will cry, I’m not getting no sleep and causing me to get migraines (high blood pressure too) I need sleep big time lol! (Not complaining about parenting I love it!!) But I’m struggling on what to do to get him to sleep, is this normal and has anyone got any ideas on what I can do? He’s up and down all night until 4ish then I’m awake at 8am with my 2 year old.
Thank u heaps xx


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  • Put a hot water bottle in his Moses basket half hour before he goes down then when ready to go down take hot water bottle out, if he’s falling asleep on you (nothing wrong at all in that) the sheet will be a cold shock for him and will startle him awake

  • Is it a large Moses basket? I got quite a big one for my daughter being born and she would not sleep a night in it, I then got a smaller Moses basket and she slept fine. Maybe just too open for him? Also have you tried the ‘next to me’ basket? I hope something works and you get some sleep x

  • My son was exactly the same. My health visitor recommended Ewan the dream sheep and he has had no problems going to sleep since. He’s now 6 months and we still use it.

  • Baby’s just like being close to you at that age. I reluctantly started co sleeping with my daughter because I kept passing out with her asleep on me anyway so wanted to do it safely. At about 2 months she just suddenly started pushing back on me so I tried her in her basket and we haven’t looked back since!!! Keep persevering. Are you ff of bf? If you are bf you can take measures to safely co sleep. If you are ff then you should be putting bubs in his own bed x

  • Have you tried a next to me crib it’s basically a crib that attaches to your bed so it’s co sleeping but they have their own space and you have yours x

  • I bought a sleepyhead snoozepod and even though it’s a bit pricey it’s so worth it

  • Try putting him for naps in it during the day also so he’ll get used to it hopefully he’ll settle soon x

  • I rolled up one of my tops that smelt like me and put it next to her. Also swaddles are amazing as they like to feel cuddled xx


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