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Hi in a catch 22 situation here… I have a court order in place regarding my so…

Hi in a catch 22 situation here… I have a court order in place regarding my son and daughter dad keeps breaking it and has done since day one really. My s9n when to live with dad based on is wishes and feelings this was few years ago didn’t see my son.. since Xmas my son started coming round again great then last month something happened with my daughter he stopped them both coming long story short my daughter is here now but no contact with son again and now dad has gone for csa for my son stating there is no over night contact which there isn’t as he’s stopped it. But my daughter doesn’t want to see her dad he’s made threats to her and basically seen his true colours just wish my son could he really is a horrible person. First time I’ve ever broke the court order but I’ve not done it it’s my daughter who’s saying she doesn’t want to go and is scared xx


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  • I have a similar situation regarding access I have children full time and ex hubby has them every second weekend and my daughter refused to go. I forced her a few times but it broke my heart adventualy he agreed to let it be her decision she returned to the arrangement herself after a few months and is now much happier it was nothing more than adjustment issues. I would seek proper advise from your solicitor so you don’t get into bother incase ex tries to cause bother regarding court order arrangements but your children need to come first your son bless him will come round and see if school can help your daughter. My daughters school kept a diary of the changes in my daughters behaviour after visits and anything she told them which helped my wee girl when she didn’t want to go I had that back up

  • Well surely works both ways. If he can claim 4 his son then u can claim 4 ur daughter.. Dunno if either work but if he does worth doing. 2bf tho if he lives there u should pay, woman claim 4 their kids should work both way, but as a court order in place will say how many nights ur meant 2 have him they may take in 2 consideration x

  • Couldn’t you let his daughter speak to him on phone he might think your lying xxx


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