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Hi please can I have a private post. My 3 year old daughter has been complaini…

Hi please can I have a private post.

My 3 year old daughter has been complaining on and off with a sore belly for about 4 months now and has been doing seriously huge & loud burps. She has also vomited randomly a few times within these months. I always put it down to just kids belly ache (but I was keeping an eye on it all). On Tuesday night last week she asked me to rub her belly when I was putting her to bed and I thought I would check if it was all soft as they say as long as belly soft all should be ok. To my horror I found a hard mass under her stomach on her left side under her ribs. I took her to a&e the next day after talking to 111 that night. The doctor seemed concerned saying she will need an ultrasound, blood tests & urine sample but he wasn’t going to keep her in as she is well in herself. The following day at my own doctors the doctor said it was a loaded colon. I told him she poos twice a day everyday so he said he will send her for X-ray but not urgent.

I am so worried and anytime I google it obviously the cancer word keeps coming up, my grandad died from colon cancer, I am petrified. I don’t know if I should bring her up to a&e today as she is complaining about a sore belly since last again.

Why wouldn’t the first doctor have just told me it was a loaded colon.

Has anyone else ever felt a hard mass in there child’s belly? She doesn’t suffer from constipation. Sorry for my huge post I just don’t know what to do.


4 thoughts on “Hi please can I have a private post. My 3 year old daughter has been complaini…

  • If its been that long now I would take her back to A&E and don’t be fobbed off until you’re satisfied I think four months is long enough for the girl to suffer, good luck hunni x

  • How worried you must be right now.. stay with your instincts take her A n E.. hope your little one is ok xxx

  • Yeah I’d take her back to a and e hun she’s clearly uncomfortable it’s not fair bless and to also ease the worrie with ur self to always trust ur instincts I was never away from the hospital until they listened to me and I was right the whole time xox


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