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Hi ppp. So me and my partner have decided to call it a day on our relationship a…

Hi ppp. So me and my partner have decided to call it a day on our relationship all thanks to……my mum. She has hated him from day one. We have stood up to her God knows how many times. What tipped us over the hedge was her going around and telling people he’s a shit dad and lazy. This is because I work full time and watches our daughter. He has moved into his friends. My mum cannot see what she has done and is now saying it’s all my fault. She is still trying to get him out of my life altogether by saying he isn’t allowed to come and see our daughter. I told her yesterday that he will see when he wants and he can take her out. I know people will say I shouldn’t of let her win but she is so nasty. Even her best friend of 20+ years is mortified with her. Where going to stay friends for our daughter’s sake but we really don’t want any hassle of my mum. Friendly advice please x


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  • Reply. My partner was the one who decided to go. He said he just can’t do if anymore and if he stays he’ll end up snapping and losing his rag with her. He said it’s in the best interest and better we like apart x

  • Reply to post. No but it is a very complicated relationship with us. One minute she’s nice then she’s like this. I always ask her to give me space but she comes down regardless. We’ve argued and fallen out over it

  • I’m really sorry if I’m missing something here, but my parents tried something similar… if you love your partner why have you let your mum win and not cut her out? What if the next guy that comes along she don’t like? Will you cut Everyman out of your life because your mum hates him. Sorry but you need to bring your partner back and cut your mum out.

  • What I said still stands…. your little girl now is growing up with a mummy and daddy living apart because her nanny says so. You’re a grown woman and no one can tell you what to do, but it’s wrong you’re making your partner leave because she doesn’t like him. Your partner should come first if he’s done nothing wrong but given you a gorgeous little girl to love. Sounds like your mum is controlling.


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