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Hi sorry me again lol, could I have another private post as I didn’t get much re…

Hi sorry me again lol, could I have another private post as I didn’t get much response off the other one.. Really stuck in a predicament. Don’t no whether to just cut ties with my mother or leave it be. I’ve Been In the care system my whole life it was voluntary care so she could of took me back at anytime but didn’t and just went on to have another 3 kids and keep them, anyhow I have my own 2 beautiful children and just recently got engaged, everything is going great, have our own home and so happy. But.. The issue is my mother, no matter what I do she’s always moaning or bitching about me to my sisters. Always on about saying she never sees the kids but makes no effort to see them its always me who has to go out of my way, disrupt my kids routine and travel 1-2 hours on a bus to visit. I do this as often as I can but with my first born in school etc it’s hard as my partner works Monday to Friday and the weekend is the only time he can spend time with them, told my mum yesterday that I got engaged Saturday and she never even congradulated me! Really upset over this,there’s a hole lot more but I’d b typeing all night if I was to go into it, she continuously bitchs to my sister to make me out to b the bad one all the time, now my first born isn’t my currant partners child, but he’s been there for him and is his daddy in his eyes as real dad doesn’t bother ever, my mum is so spiteful over this and always throws in he is not his father and never will be! Ice forgiving her for so many things she’s said and done behind my back because I ckng no what it is I just get really guilty when I no I’m not in the wrong, I can’t be ever totally happy because she always has some comment to make about everything I achive in my life, I told her yesterday about getting engaged and I didn’t even get a congrats from her, just so hurt especially known that she’s my mother, my little girls christning is in July and I really don’t want her there cos I no she will say this and that and put us down in confidence , do ye think I should just cut ties because she’s going to always have a problem with everything I do and badmouth me behind my back all the time


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