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Hi there I just wondered if I could have a private post please, would appreciate…

Hi there I just wondered if I could have a private post please, would appreciate no bashing I’m in quiet a bad place.

About 6wks ago I moved into my new house. At first it was great I loved it.
Everything is going well in the flat and the kids love there new home and there schools. However I really really hate it here. It’s got me to the stage I cant even be happy. I can’t even smile. I do suffer with anxiety/ depression and bipolar however it’s controlled with medication. I don’t think I’m looking for advice maybe just need to vent off some steam. I’m at the stage now where I’m just crying constantly. I can’t see any good times it’s just all negative. I try so hard to be positive but I just can’t be. I don’t have any help with the kids other than there dads take them every Saturday and drop off on Sunday. Absolutely nothing has happened to make me feel like I should hate the area, some dirty looks but I get it I’m someone new to the area. I guess I’m just wanting to know if anyone else have ever felt like this after moving to a new area. I don’t have any family to go and stay with for a day or two to sort my head out. Friends have there own lives don’t need me bombarding on them. I just feel so alone and can’t see a positive to life at the moment. It’s sad I feel like a right Sado writing on this but I don’t have anyone else to turn too. I don’t know if I have made sense but my feelings don’t really make sense to me.

Thanks in advance for any advice offered.
With my anxiety it makes not want to go and join a group with mums or something in my area, am I being silly?


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