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Hiya, could I have a post please. Just in need of a rant more than anything as I…

Hiya, could I have a post please. Just in need of a rant more than anything as I’m fed up. 16weeks pregnant. For the past 6 weeks I’ve been suffering horrendous sickness, literally cannot keep anything down, severe headaches that are constant nothing takes them away, I’m constantly dizzy and for the past week I’ve been fainting 2/3 times a day. I’ve been to the doctors and hospital numerous times and they all just tell me there’s nothing wrong with me. They’ve given me a few different anti sickness tablets and none of them have worked. Feel like nobody’s listening to me and nobody’s taking me seriously. I’m just so sick of being ill now I cannot take any more of it and I’ve also got to try and take care of my three year old as well. I’m useless to her in the state I’m in but nobody seems to want to help. I’ve phoned 111 again tonight due to not even been able to keep water down and fainting and they said they would phone me back within 2 hours, it’s now been almost three hours since I phoned them and still nothing. I hate phoning them as every time I do they tell me to go upto a and e which is 35 mins from where I live for me to sit there for 4 hours to then be told there’s nothing wrong with me and I can’t afford to keep doing that as selfish as that might sound! Sorry for long post in just drained, sick of being ill and fed up of feeling like nobody is listening to me!! 😞 x


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