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Hiya, I really need some help regarding a little issue. I’m currently breastfeed…

Hiya, I really need some help regarding a little issue. I’m currently breastfeeding my 3 week old baby and it’s going so well, apart from my mother in law!! Basically whenever she comes over to our home, and sees me feeding my baby she acts all funny and has even asked me if I could do “that” somewhere else….in my own home!!!!! And if we go to visit her, she will tell me to go upstairs and stay there till I’ve finished feeding. I’ve asked and pleaded with my husband to stick up for me and say something but he won’t, he says he doesn’t want to start an argument. It upsets me so much, what on earth is her problem? And the fact my own partner won’t stand up and tell her to stop not picking and being silly hurts even more. What can I do? It’s really knocked my confidence and I am now actually scared to feed my baby when the MIL comes over. She has even said “can’t I give her a bottle instead (meaning HER give the bottle) than you doing that” sorry for the long post. I just need some advice on handling this matter. Thank you xx


10 thoughts on “Hiya, I really need some help regarding a little issue. I’m currently breastfeed…

  • In her house then I would respect her wishes and go upstairs. However, in your own home you do as you please! Tell her if she isnt comftable with you feeding your child in the natural way that she shouldnt come over. Or better yet, she can wait upstairs.

  • Tell her to jog on !!!

    You carry on feeding your child mummy bear !! Stuff what she thinks !!!

    And your partner should totally stand up for you 🙁 !!!

    But you carry on doing what your doing do not let her narrow mind bring you down ! 💜

  • Tell her to get out the house while your feeding HER grandchild….
    And I’m sorry but your husband needs to grow some balls.

  • I recon you’re feeding your new born baby, they need breast milk to help their immune system, tell her to piss off if she doesn’t like it!

  • If at your home I’d tell her if its that much of an issue she can go and wait outside until youve finished

  • Tell her not to come over if she’s gonna act like that! Your hubby needs to grow some balls 🙄 xx

  • God if this was me in my own home I’d just squirt my milk at her 😂 as for her house, fair enough with going out the way xx


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