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How do u get over a guy u was with for 2 years? I had a baby 3 weeks ago, found …

How do u get over a guy u was with for 2 years? I had a baby 3 weeks ago, found out he’s been sleeping with girls all the way through the relationship, as well as being in a relationship whike with me,
I love him so much but I can’t forgive, he’s denying the whole lot but I’ve got all the messages he’s sent to girls and there reply .. or is saying ‘if love u baby your the love of my life .. I need u xxxxxxxx’ is normal to say??
He’s made out I’ve got post natural depression (I haven’t) apparently stopped him seeing his son (lives in my house so inpossible) .. been on POF, tinder, and then he goes ‘sarah it’s in your head’
I hate him but I love him, why does this happen to me? (Daughter has different dad and he did the same but he had a fiancee and didn’t tell me) .. why does men treat me like crap?
Crying isn’t helping, it hurts, he doesn’t respect me enough to be honest xx


4 thoughts on “How do u get over a guy u was with for 2 years? I had a baby 3 weeks ago, found …

  • I hate reading things like this. Some men can be utter scum bags. Lying, cheating, manipulating pricks. There’s no easy fix though. The hurt and pain won’t just disappear. You just have to try and be strong for your kids and remember it will get easier as time goes on x

  • I think you need to tell him to get out the house or pack yours and the kids bags and leave. Next step is to see a doctor and ask for counselling. They will help you come to terms with things and help you understand that you arent the problem or cause. He is putting you through mental abuse by saying what he is and doing what he is…did you know in the eyes of the law that’s domestic abuse? Words hurt deeper than bruises and take much longer to heal so you have a long journey ahead but I hope it isn’t long before you find that light shining bright at the end of the tunnel xx

  • I know it will hurt but ur better off without that u will find someone who truly cares about u and ur wee family xx

  • My ex did that n I booted him out soon as I found out (my baby was 8 weeks – and I had a 1 and a 2 year old too) n best thing I ever did.and sorry but ppl treat u how u let them . . Bag his stuff up and save him a job n kick his ass to the curb 💪💪💪💪


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