I Had To Make A Choice Between Being A Mum Or A…

Yesterday Molly over heard me saying that I was competing in my first track race in 6 years.

She asked me why, and asked “is it because of me?”

I answered honestly, and said, “well, Yes.”

Her little face dropped and she appolgied.

I then stroked her hair and said, “When you were younger we had to move out of Nannys house.

It got too difficult being a single mama and trying to train for running so much, if your Dad was around it might have been different… but because it’s just me, I basically had to choose.

I had to make a choice between being the best Mummy I could be, or being the best runner I could be.

And I chose you.

I’ll always choose you.

Because you are my priority.

You are the most important person and “thing” to me…

I love running, you know I do, but I love you so much more.”

Molly’s face lit up, she told me she loved me and she grabbed me in a big cuddle. 💗

I continued, “So it’s not your fault at all.

And you don’t need to apologise to me.

I’m not upset or mad at you in any way.

It’s been such an amazing gift to be your Mummy, and I wouldn’t change it.

And now your older I can get back into running a bit anyway!”

Molly then jumped in and said, “And I want to help you get to run!”

I thanked her and we had the biggest cuddle.

Then she lay her head down on my lap as I stroked her hair.

She looked so content and warm inside.

Reminded that she is important and loved.

I do love running, but I love Molly more.

And I’m glad she knows it. ♡

**Picture: left, 2013 County Champs

Picture: Right, 2019 County Champs**

Credit https://www.facebook.com/rhiannon.v.griffin


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