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Im sorry i keep bothering you guys but can i have some advice please? Whether yo…

Im sorry i keep bothering you guys but can i have some advice please? Whether you post it or just kind of gove me advice over messenger?

Basically i dont know if im over reacting or what, but my partner of over a year just isnt happy being with me anymore, hes always on the computer (playing and working on his servers) and its what he wants to go into when hes gone through uni, he always tells me that he wants me to want to spend time with him but i dont want to bother him while hes on the computer.. last night, i was driving about with my friend because she wanted me to go in the car with her, and before i got home i messaged him saying i love you which he replied with okay

I feel like ive completely fucked everything up by not meeting his standards, im pregnant with his baby and he always doubts its his, he doesnt ask if im okay,doesnt come to bed at the same time as me (we live together) ill go to bed at 10pm and he goes to bed at 6am when im waking up, we arent intimate anymore, we have no spark but yet he expects me to still wait on him hand and foot “aw babe can you make me some food” “babe can you do my washing please” “babe the house is a mess when are you gonna tidy” i dont know what to do anymore, its joint tenancy, he doesnt leave the house or anything, very rarely showers unless he absolutely has to, my family dont like him because they think he is toxic and contolling and he refuses to meet them (even the ones that dont think that) he doesnt like any of my friends to the point where i feel like i have to cut them out of my life because i want him to feel like he can love me, it just feels like he doesnt love me anymore😥 please please help me


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