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Ladies, I’m in need of a heads up.. Long story short, my best friend has suffer…

Ladies, I’m in need of a heads up..
Long story short, my best friend has suffered with endometriosis for 10 years, in this time she’s had countless miscarriages, surgeries & lots of heartache. She also got told she would never be able to conceive a child of her own.
Well this year she fell pregnant and is currently 6 months gone with a baby boy!!
Now as you know, when you have a baby you sort of get forgotten about.. the baby gets lots of lovely, beautiful things..& all you get is a congratulations for 9 months of really hard but rewarding work..
I’d really like to do something special for her & get her something that she can keep. As a reminder of this pregnancy as all her others have been extremely hard!
Do any of you ladies have any idea of what I could do or get her? I’m so proud of her & adore this girl to pieces..I don’t mind making her something, or buying her something. Also, I do plan on getting baby something, I’d like this to be unique and also a keepsake. Open to all options.
Thank you for your help! 😊 x


10 thoughts on “Ladies, I’m in need of a heads up.. Long story short, my best friend has suffer…

  • A bump to baby photo shoot, I was bought one when I was pregnant with my youngest and loved it, I had first shoot done at 30 wks pregnant and the pics are amazing, had newborn shoot done when my soon was 3 wks old and I should of had a cake smash shoot just before he turned one but unfortunately due to personal circumstances I forgot to book it and when I realised the voucher had expired so never got it

  • Hi ladies, this is my post! Thankyou so much for your lovely ideas.
    I forgot to mention that I have ordered a bump casting kit and doing that for her myself. Also got some blue paint to hand write how far gone, the date it was done, the date he’s due on it ☺️ this girls been through the thick of it and really does deserve something special! Keep those ideas coming ladies! Xx

  • They have a thing where you can have a mold made of your bump, maybe something like this. Similar to the hand castings etc. They can do it with your hands on your bump, that way she has a keepsake of her bump forever? Xx

  • if you look on etsy there are a lot of things that are very meaningful. they have jewelry, t shirts for mom and onsies for the baby.

  • A pregnancy photo shoot be lovely.

    Pamper session followed by afternoon tea.

    How about organise a baby shower have all her friends and family there and you can get kits to make baby personalised vests and bibs also have a book like a guest book to put messages In for her have lotsa of pics.

    Piece of jewellery to treasure.

    She’s very lucky to have a friend like you 😊

  • I’d say a baby bum cast with oic of scan on it maybe we’ll done u n congrats to ur mate xx


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