Mums Warning About Tiktok

The following account from a Mum of a 10 year old is very worrying.

“All mums need to know to get their kids off tiktok there is a thing on it called ok live which most dont know that it can see.

ive just had a visit from police to say that my daughter was live on it and 120 people were watching her play they could see inside my home and she didnt know she was live.

it was a woman who had seen her and reported it thank god ,, this is peados apparently russian so police are trying to locate ,, they came to my door with pictures off her sitting playing and read out what sickos were asking her to do like take your clothes off etc i wont repeat some of the other things they were asking ,,i feel so sick it also came up on peado hunters and alarm bells went everywer hence visit from police ,,, so innocent and yet so sick i am shakin to think all those sick ###* were watching her without her knowing its a good job she had not seen messages ,,, STAY ALERT keep your eyes on what your kids are on it just shows how easy it is for these animals to get thro to our kids ,,, i thought i had everythin locked down on her ipad parental control the lot ,, i will be watchin every move she makes from now on ,,tiktok the lot has been deleted now ,,, scared the life out of me .”


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