My Child My Rights I Can See Him Very Little Or Very Often

I’ve not had my baby for six months. I left him with my Mum. She’s a great Mum and takes care of all his needs. He loves being with her too.

I wasn’t happy being a parent, I just didn’t feel fulfilled. I met Pete and we were in a new relationship, going out, drinking, socializing, all the fun stuff I didn’t get to do when I was a mother. The relationship isn’t in the ‘honeymoon’ period anymore though and I’m ready to have him back. ITS MY RIGHT. I haven’t had much to do with the baby but I’m sure he remembers me. I’m his mother and that’s what matters most. I GET THE FINAL SAY WHEN AND WHERE I SEE HIM, MY CHILD MY RIGHT.

Of course that is NOT true. But how many people were shocked at the idea of a mother walking out on her baby? Now ask yourself why you don’t feel shocked when a father does the same?

EVERY parent MALE or FEMALE needs to step up to their responsibilities. If you walk out on a child it IS NOT YOUR RIGHT to have them whenever you want. Children are not possessions. They are not something you can have whenever it’s convenient to you. They deserve loving and stable homes. It’s not about YOUR rights it’s about THIER rights, full stop.


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2 thoughts on “My Child My Rights I Can See Him Very Little Or Very Often

  • 6th September 2018 at 2:10 am

    Im goin threw this with my kids father how do i go about raisin awarenes he left me cz he couldn handle bein a dad he was also abusive domesticically evan above alk this all i wan is him to apart of our kids lives but i cant be around him iv said he can see his kids at contact centre or at his mums hes still not stepping up im tryin on my part as we hav 3 children youngest bein 9months old oldest 3 second oldest bein 2 cz i dnt wana see or be with him above all else i still want him to see his children i feel like tha because i dont want to be with him anymore hes punishin our children but i dont wana have to put my life on hold in the hopes he might one day love me again im better than that an our children deserve so much more than this aswell

  • 4th March 2020 at 12:14 pm

    I’m trying to start a movement were the school system from kindergarten on up teach kids about disabilities and how it affects the person who has it cause I feel like if kids k we more about it they would stop tormenting these poor kids I’m so sick k of them taking their lives o er other kids please help me start


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