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My nearly 5yr old dad was in his life for about 3months after he was born, I had…

My nearly 5yr old dad was in his life for about 3months after he was born, I had to go to a benefit meeting because they wanted to know why my sons last name was different to mine, I explained the situation and all was fine.. January last year, my sons Dad wanted to start seeing him after me trying for years until I eventually gave up, so I agreed to once a week we would meet him at a local park, I agreed because I didn’t want it to be thrown back in my face that I wouldn’t let him see his son, so I gave him the chance. Things were going great, eventually I allowed him to come to our house to see him, not to take him out because my son didn’t know him well enough so wouldn’t leave without me again things were great, they grew a bond, one evening he wanted to stay a little longer to put our son to bed which was fine by me but one thing led to another and we ending up sleeping together (previously had my implant out in April due to constant bleeding, I wasn’t on any contraception because I wanted my body to go back to normal and I didn’t want and wasn’t getting sex anyway) so yes I fell pregnant. We never spoke of the night and when I did find out I was pregnant i was 13.5 weeks gone. I told Dad but he never asked a single thing about the pregnancy but still came to see our other son… I wanted to get BT internet/tv but wasn’t able to due to still owing from my preview home, so “Dad” got it for me and I pay him by bank transfer every week, only about £10 a week, also at Christmas I wanted to get my son a PS4 for Christmas but didn’t want to pay all the money at once, so again “Dad” got it in bright house and I pay him weekly for that also… The night my waters broke I called my mum as she was taking me to hospital and being my birthing partner , she said for me to get hold of my sons dad to have him while I went in (he didn’t want to be at the birth) so he came round as it was 2am and stayed with my son. Me and my newborn had to stay in hospital for a few days. I transferred £100 to my sons dad to feed and look after my son while we were still in hospital, 2 days later he transferred the money back when I told him to keep it and to take it off what I owe him for the bt and PlayStation, fast forward a couple of weeks, it was time to get my newborn registered, I let the dad know where and what time and if he wanted to be on birth certificate and for my newborn to have his last name then for him to be there at that time. He was there. So my newborn has his dad’s last name.. Now I have received a letter from DWP asking me to go in for a interview and to bring 6months bank statements and wage slips etc currently on maternity leave.. I’m just so scared they will think he’s living with me when he really isn’t plus all the transfers I make to him weekly. Yes he comes round daily unless I am busy, once he has finished work but that is only because he works 7days a week, finishes at 4pm comes round til about 6 when his dad picks him up on his way home from his work and no he doesn’t pay anything towards anything in my home, only bt and PlayStation . I know I haven’t done anything wrong but I hate how they make you feel like you have? My sons dad is still seeing both boys but I’m not sure how long this is going to last as like I said he only wanted to know my oldest son until he was around 3months old so my gut feeling is telling me it will happen again. So my question is what will happen at my dwp meeting? And if my gut feeling is right, how do I tell my oldest? Thank you.


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