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My partners ex has decided to stop him seeing his children (12, 15) because he r…

My partners ex has decided to stop him seeing his children (12, 15) because he refused to speak to her. They haven’t spoken for years and contact was thru myself or directly thru his children, Monday she was texting me giving me hassle about pocket money etc for the kids which we transfer into their own accounts as we have proof that we have sent it, same as money directly into his ex’s account for his daughters. He has paid half the money for his oldest prom dress and meal at the venue, half of the money for make up for the trial which she has decided she doesn’t want now anyway. Well she’s now saying as he refused to talk to her even tho he said txt my mobile (she doesnt have his number due to having to change it when she used to ring us on his early hours drunk) and he will respond that way (she was making her daughter txt him to say he had to speak to her) he also said if it’s extra money then he’s not interested as h doesn’t have any spare. She’s saying she is now stopping contact so he said until he’s allowed to see his kids he won’t give her money or the pocket money (she’s very money mad and this usually works so he gets to see his kids) she said she is going to csa well that’s ok as he’s not working at the minute as he’s self employed and looking for a site. He’s a brilliant dad and gives every penny he can to them but is there any way to stop her doing this all the time, he’s devastated and just wants to see his children


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