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Not really related I just don’t know what to do Without arguing as lately I’m a…

Not really related I just don’t know what to do 😢
Without arguing as lately I’m absolutely fed up of my partner causing arguments out off little things we’ve been together for 6 years engaged with 3 beautiful for 7 months now our relationship has been very very up and down and I have literally cried every day I’m putting my all into our relationship and don’t feel like I’m getting anything out he works full time I work part time i come home and have to do my mummy duties and his daddy duties and also the house work etc witch I don’t mind but what my kids need is there dad and to me it seems the novelty has worn off and he’s not interested in the slightest apart from that when the kids are settled and it’s time for tv he’s always on his computer or phone I mean he is none stop on the computer when he’s home from work but Iv never craved attention so much in my life and if I’m feeling like this then god knows what my children are feeling I’m so upset and disappointed I do not want a broken family at all my children get all the love and attention from me as I baby them all more as I feel there missing out with him no amounts of times can I keep taking to him about his actions he just dose not listen he’s 4 years older than myself and it’s frustrating well anyways for the past 4 weeks we’ve had no adult time every time I even try to give him a cuddle I just get rejected so tonight I asked why he just came out with I’m just tired so I said for all these weeks ? His reply yes it’s just playing on my mind weather his is actually attracted to me any more and weather actually my kids are going to grow up with a broken home I’m not saying that’s a bad thing but someone what I never expected would happen should I of asked him his reasons ? As he’s got very defensive and snappy iv also asked if anything is wrong but he’s not the talking type and never listens to anything sorry for the long essay trying to think like a man is so hard


One thought on “Not really related I just don’t know what to do Without arguing as lately I’m a…

  • I hope you’re ok xxx it’s heart breaking to read this as I know how it feels. I think maybe a starting point would be arranging a date night? Or maybe have “no phone or computer” rule for an hour or so you can talk. I doubt it’s anything you have done. It’s very stressful being a working family. Sometimes you just forget you are outside the role of mum and dad (if that makes sense!) He might just be having a crappy time at work, or maybe something else is bothering him. Men aren’t as vocal about their feelings as we are. happy to chat if you wanna pm me xxxx


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