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Ok.. so I’ve been with my oh for just under 10yrs he’s always been a good worker…

Ok.. so I’ve been with my oh for just under 10yrs he’s always been a good worker and a good step dad to my kids (13&11).. forward to now we now have two children together 2yr old and 5m, anyhow when he drinks and something is on his mind it usually ends up him smashing my house up and me fleeing with the kids.. we have always got back together because I have nowhere to go and he always persuades me to get back with him!! So today he come home from work at 6:30am and has drunk Strongbow he’s finally passed out at 5:30pm and has work at 10 so leaves at 9pm, he’s been mean to me all day saying I’m a lazy c**t and telling my kids im a slut and saying to my 11yr old she’s a mong and that’s all she does is eat no wonder she’s like a ball.. calling her a bitch and that she’s not coming on holiday with us, I’ve applied for us all to move to a 4 bed house but I just want to be on my own I have no family or friends I can turn to and with 4 kids in tow.. last time woman’s aid said they can’t help because they don’t have room and he’s to leave the house but it’s all in his name he paid the rent and it’s his mates house… so I’m literally homeless and I don’t want go to council because I’m just worried they think I’m doing it to get a house quicker for us all, me and my oldest two spent over 4yrs in different refuges. Please I just need advice on how I can get somewhere to go I don’t mind private renting just don’t have the bond or rent to pay up front 😭


3 thoughts on “Ok.. so I’ve been with my oh for just under 10yrs he’s always been a good worker…

  • Treating u like shit is one thing but ur kids come on. Get away and stop making excuses for him. Yes it may b hard to get out but once u do things will b so much better. Trust me. Go to ur doctor r citizens advice t r even social worker and explain it situation and I’m sure they will do all they can to help u out

  • The only suggestion I have is if you have put up with it this long , which in my opinion is to long , if you really have no other options then stay longer and put as much money away as you can as quickly as you can . Obviously don’t tell him this. I hope you get out as soon as poss xxx

  • He has a problem with alcohol, he can change if he addresses it, if he refuses then you need to leave, your children deserve better


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