Parents Advised To Read Back Of Products Thoroughly

This is very important guys. Please read


The below photos are not mine but I had to share this as this really is the difference between a happy child   and a child needing medical attention!

– this and other similar are being sold in shops.. They are often £1 or £2 and are perfect pocket money treats.

They look like bath bombs / bath fizzers don’t they?

But if you read the teeny tiny writing at the bottom this one line will clear all those China manufacturers from being sued……..”NOT TO BE DISSOLVED IN A BATH”

They put a large warning in the front “choking hazard”, but everything about this says drop in water – it’s a mermaid and a shell……

Anyone would think this is a bath bomb

These are NOT bath bombs. I have now seen at least 6 posts in the last few weeks from parents about their kids getting rashes, stinging and actual CHEMICAL BURNS from using similar to these as bath bombs.

How can they get away with it when uk manufacturers are required to be cosmetically safety assessed, insured and are scrutinised by trading standards………..Because as long as they put tiny wording to say this is not to be used in a bath, they don’t have to be cosmetically safety assessed, as it is not considered a cosmetic. It is imported from China by shops for pennies and frankly the manufacturers can put whatever they like in the “fizzer” with no restrictions. I doubt that trading standards even look at products like these.

Basically if your child gets chemical burns…….it’s your fault that you used the product wrong.

I urge ALL parents if you see similar in a shop near you, to read the back – if it says do not dissolve in a bath or similar (and it’s in the bathroom section), you make it your mission to alert the manager of the shop of the potential danger of these products.


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