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Please can I have a private message, and post anonymously. Sorry in advance fo…

Please can I have a private message, and post anonymously.

Sorry in advance for the long post…..

I’ve recently found out I’m pregnant by my ex partner, (currently 12 weeks). We were together for a number of years previously and ended the relationship on amicable terms. We’re still good friends hence the situation I find myself in now.
We have both decided to go ahead with the pregnancy, but have no idea how to reveal it to our families. His family absolutely hate my guts and we’re worried how they will react to our blessing. His sister is also pregnant and due to give birth next month and we’re worried that our little one will be ostracised by his family due to them not liking me, and his sisters baby will get all the attention etc… My family have no problem whatsoever with him. I’ve always loved my ex and wouldn’t blink an eye lid to get back with him, but again worried how his family would take such news if we did give things another try. I’d loved for us to be a family and for our child to be brought up by both parents if possible.
I don’t expect his family to like me but at least be civil with me for the sake of my child.

I’m basically wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation and if so how you dealt with such matters? (Pregnancy announcements etc) Any advice welcome from a very worried and concerned first time mummy.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read.


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