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Please can you post anonymously. Dangerous dog!! I have a small chiwawa who will…

Please can you post anonymously. Dangerous dog!! I have a small chiwawa who will be 1 in August and a baby boy who just turned 1. We were in the front garden this afternoon enjoying the sun while it lasts. Rex, my chiwawa was going for a wee when my neighbour a few houses down lets his pit bull out which is illegal (words from his mouth) rex is the smallest kindest dog which wouldn’t even have it in him to hurt a fly, he loves everyone, he’s best friends with my son and they do everything together, he just wants love from everyone. Anyway rex was minding his own business going for a wee and this pit bull comes running over to him and jumps straight on him like he was going to eat him or something, I jump straight in between it and rex is howling in pain and I’m screaming with fear. I grab rex and the pit bull goes for me but never bit me, mean while my son’s at the door step in shock with my mum. Im screaming and run in the house with rex and my boy and my dogs on the floor shaking so bad and crying with my boy. The owner comes in and says he’ll pay the vet bill and helped to sort him out saying not to call the police. All four of Rexs paws are cut and his back leg isn’t great it’s really tender. I took him straight to the vets and I’ve got to watch him for 48 hours just in case if there’s blood in his wee which is terrifying. This all happened at 230 and he hasn’t weed since, had anything to eat or drink. My partners just spoken to the owner of the pit bull and long story cut short he’s said because it’s an illegal dog he will be put down and if that happens then he’ll put my chiwawa down himself. I don’t know what to do as I have a young boy and I’m worried about all of our safety… I don’t know what to do, I’m frightened and worried about my family and my family home.
Sorry for rambling but I just don’t know what to do. Thank you x


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