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PLEASE HELP , my friend has just told me and showed me a print screen of my my e…

PLEASE HELP , my friend has just told me and showed me a print screen of my my ex baby’s father have been slaging me off to he’s friends im lying about the abuse and hes friends think im crazy and saying I took my child away from him when social services have stopped contact due to him being physically and emotinally violent towards me .I broke it off with him years ago but social said he can only see he’s child supervised which i agreed so he was seeing him supervised but he kept casing trouble going to see hes child drunk high and fighting with the people who was supervsing contact family and friends now he’s just going round telling aloud of people I’m a bad mother n he will take me to court for taking he’s child away from him when no one else will supervise contact and my other baby’s father is on he’s side even though he haven’t seen he’s child for 4 years and I contacted him to see her and all he’s given me us grief becouse he thinks I need him he doesn’t speak to me at all only speaks to my 3 yr old on the phone doesn’t speak to me about her and the last time he did he called me a bad mother and wished my kids to be removed after I argued him due to letting my child down several times and making her upset I also think he’s not of the drugs as he was offering valium to my friend on a Facebook messege I don’t know how I feel about all this I think I need to maybe go at it alone becouse it’s the best for my children but not sure as think my social worker will say coz I’ve let my daughter see her dad n now I’m taking him away due to my suspensions she might not be on my side and it hurts for me to try so hard for them to see their dad’s and they both are so blind to see what it is that’s important and then dare to call me a bad mother I’m stuck on this one and don’t know what to do I think the best way is to be a single mother completely but never wanted them to grow up without a father as I’ve had my dad in my life and know how important that us but my dad would never lay a finger on my mum nor will he choose drugs over us and my mum and I have no family that just have one parent so don’t know how that would work out for me I’m so stuck someone help me please I can’t believe I’m getting all this while looking after 2 children practically on my own while they both do this to me it hurts me so much but I don’t want my children blaming me for not seeing their dad’s when I’ve tried so hard it’s killing me my baby’s father even goes as far as to be friends with the man who put me and my child at so much danger it just making me ill this situation.


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