Please Stop Bed Sharing

This absolutely angers me after 1st baby died she was then told of dangers of risks told to STOP bed sharing. Told about safe sleep.
Then just over a week later 11 days think is she calls emergency response AGAIN and AGAIN her second twin DIED AGAIN she was bed sharing!! She even LIED to start with after first died said they sleep in their cribs so in my opinion she already knew dangers, else why lie and pretend they were in cribs.

Autopsy for both show’s asphyxiation she lay on both according to reports that’s is NOT SIDS so think her defense team need brush up on what babies get classed as SIDS . As that’s their apparent argument 🤦‍♀️

She deserves all she gets that maybe harsh but one babies death is sad can even be uneducated ect but TWO after being specifically told dangers and not told told about safe sleep safety ect is NEGLECT . An both parents also believed to be high and DO take
Suboxone on prescription. So again NEGLECT due to drugs . An babies also premature another risk that increases sleep related deaths even those who are big advocates state premature babies shouldn’t bed share.

As a mum who was uneducated young ect after Lewis died before even being told anything on safe sleep when pregnant with connor I knew without a shadow of a doubt I would NEVER bed share again with any future children guilt even after I learned I DIDNT kill him even today still remains.

When will parents learn ESPECIALLY in cases drink drugs are ANY risk factors are present two sweet innocent babies 😭

Fly high sweet precious little ones together on earth together as angels.Together forever ❤ Bonde and Liam❤


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