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PPP, hi just wanting a little bit of advice. Have recently had a baby Who’s 4mon…

PPP, hi just wanting a little bit of advice. Have recently had a baby Who’s 4months old , also have to other children . found out yesterday I am pregnant again which was a massive shock as my partner had a vesectomy 2months ago and have been using contraception. I am being pressured into having an abortion which I’m not sure that’s what I want ? Anyone had baby’s similar age gap ?


9 thoughts on “PPP, hi just wanting a little bit of advice. Have recently had a baby Who’s 4mon…

  • Please don’t let people bully you in something they want they aren’t the ones giving birth they aren’t the ones getting up in the night to feed the baby they aren’t the ones who have provide food and nappies for the baby it’s not their life it’s yours Follow YOUR HEART ❤️ don’t let people tell you to do something they want you to do at the end of the day it’s not them who’s caring for the baby or bringing it up it’s you keep the baby 👶 and having 2 babies close to age is hard but you will get in to routine and it will get easier

  • I’ve got 14months between my first two and 16 months between my other two it’s testing at times I’m not gonna lie but also very rewarding they are extremely close I was concerned when I found out I was pregnant after having my daughter but it suprised me how easy the baby fall in to my daughter’s routine x

  • I have 12.5 months between my last two and i found it easier and they are so close now. I also had a 5 year old and a 3 year old at the time.

  • I don’t know for my self but my sister has a age gap that close and it’s amazing they grow up together also it’s ment to be easier my sister also has other children x

  • The fact he had a vasectomy and u been using contraception it’s obviously meant to be

  • The less age gap is easier then having a larger gap I’d also say this baby was meant to be everything happens for good reason

  • I fell pregnant with my twins when my son when he was 9 weeks old and my son is three in September and my twins are 2 on Wednesday x

  • I had 14 months between my 1st two then 2 years later my 3rd, it was hard work but so is the 8 yr gap to my 4th!

  • As you see your other kids smiling st you everytime theu say mammy!!
    Would you still abort the one coming?
    Knowing its just like them?
    If you abort, youll probably regret your whole life.


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