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Ppp I was wondering what others would honestly do in a situation I was last nig…

I was wondering what others would honestly do in a situation I was last night…
My usually sensible 14yr old was staying at hers friends house last night, I didn’t check as I clearly trusted her too much.
Well roll on 1.20am I get a call from her crying and to be picked up 25mins from ours, hanging about the cinema complex area….I was fuming and she had said she was with 2other girls. I raced there and she was alone, the other 2 girls had walked off and left her as she had rang me!!! Even madder now but as now nearly 2 o clock I wasn’t gonna chase them as they made that stupid choice. (Small background, 1 of these girls has a social worker as always runs away, other doesn’t want to go home as she hates her mum and has been sleeping at friends house for the last 6mths)! Now my girl is usually the good influence on them but this time I was wrong to not check.
I went home, took my girls phone and she went to bed.
An hour later 1 of the girls bravely rang my phone to see why my child had left etc and they were now stranded, I said well why did you walk off as you knew I would have brought you back too, no answer!
Well I said ring your parents, they don’t drive was reply and we are just gonna have to walk.
Well like I said it’s 25mins drive and that was with me using motorway, I was a mess as tired, they had left my child and all been stupid to do this and told them to stay safe and they hung up….
Now I wanted to go get them but hubby was against, I knew if I got them they still wouldn’t have gone home and would have crashed in our local village somewhere, but I would like to think someone would go back for our child??
They were brave to call me and saw that as a cry for help?!
I guess it’s hard till your in our situation but what would you all have done?
Like me, gone and got them or like hubby, we have our child and they do this all the time attitude?


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