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PPP My oh and his ex have been spilt 12 years they have a 13 year old daughter…


My oh and his ex have been spilt 12 years they have a 13 year old daughter he had to fight via courts for contact and it cost thousands mum didn’t stick to it so he gave up and so her as and when suited mum whenever he asked for her they were always “busy” mum has never allowed their daughter to stay over longer than two nights when it’s suited the mum we have gone along with it all so the last 2 years have been a nightmare mum said we have to do all contact via the daughter now and not her, so for the last two year we both get messages off my oh daughter saying she misses us all and her siblings and wants to see us we don’t live near her we live two hours away so we always tell her when we are going to be in her area and to see her but we are always given a text message of ” I don’t want to come ” yesterday was no different she messaged me and told me that she feels bad on her dad because she doesn’t always talk to him and says she wants to see us all and the. She messaged her dad with just “hi” when he tries to talk to her he is met with one word answers ! Or just really snotty messages towards him which she wouldn’t dream to do to her mum or me ! We asked to see her next weekend after she told me she was free and not doing anything later on out of the blue she txt my husband and said ” I don’t want to come ” he asked why she said ” dunno” all this was after her mum met a new man a few months ago my oh daughter messaged him to say she was blocking him for a while !! 😡 no reason why at all then out the blue this morning at 5.50 am he got a message saying ” I don’t want to come your stupid and we have plans Friday night and a christening ” after saying they had no plans how do we approach this and the messages with her are awful and if anything nasty towards him seems a fight all the time with her and her mum he at the point of walking away from the messages himself as he doesn’t know what else to do or try he met with a brick wall and the mum the same


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