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  • I thought the same as you don’t worry. And you will love your two exactly the same, even if you don’t think it is possible (like I did). I had a 2 year old when I found out I was pregnant. At first I was guilty about not being able to spend time with my eldest and all the rest. But seriously it’s the best feeling ever seeing their bond. Now at 4 years and nearly 1 years old, there’s no difference in love or bonds or attention between the two. It’s hard in the beginning but once my youngest was old enough to crawl about and be more independent it was so easy xx

  • I had this same thought when I was pregnant with my second, he’s 18 weeks now and my little girl is 2. I feel exactly the same for my little boy as I do my little girl, I didn’t think it would be possible but it is, I love them more than anything in the world and can’t imagine my life without them.

  • Trust me you will, I’m pregnant with my second and I love him already, you bind with your child whilst carrying them so you will love them just as much as your first as much as you think it isn’t possible


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