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ppp? I have been with my partner for 2 years We were both unemployed at one poin…

I have been with my partner for 2 years
We were both unemployed at one point during my pregnancy, so rent was of course payed for. Not long afterward, he got a job but it wasn’t high enough paying to live off so we were told we’d get a fraction of our rent off but we were unsure how much. For months they wouldnt get back to us until one day they did and by then we owed £1,000 rent&council tax. I knew that if we continued to live there it would just keep building up so we moved in with his parents (I don’t have parents – by this point our baby was 4 months old) away from my family and friends. He has a higher paying job now so all of my benefits have been cut (ESA from £250 a fortnight to £7, and all I get is child tax and child benefit. He gets around £200 a week but I dont really see any of “his” money – when I have always shared my income when he wouldve struggled otherwise.)
So we’ve been looking for a house for months. We’ve finally found one (private) which seems to suit us as a family, but its even further away from my family. I was fine with this as its about 30 min drive away (even though I dont drive but I can take buses) we were both up for it, until today. We should be moving in in about 2 weeks, (I’ve tried so hard to save for referencing and months rent deposit without any help from him) he turns round and says he wants to live his life, wants to live in a flat by himself because he apparently had to grow up too quickly, and if we continue our relationship he will no longer love me (due to my depression which i was diagnosed with 5 years ago)
He then afterward said he regrets saying it and didnt mean it, and that he just wants us to work on things (I dont even know what he means by that because we barely even argue – and if we do its never anything serious. We never even raise our voices) but it made me realise how stuck I would be if things did go this way.
If he left me I would be away from family in a house I can’t afford to pay. Would have to be sleeping on a family members sofa whilst waiting for a house on the housing list… with £1,000 debt which is technically because of him (otherwise I wouldnt have to pay rent)
I really dont know why I’m posting here but my heads fuzzy from overthinking and I’ve not a clue what to do.. I’ve just struggled for money for months and I’ve put everyone before myself and now I feel I can’t trust him enough to move in with him because he could easily do what he said he wanted to do. (I did trust him until this evening – I feel as though it has been broken)
Please no judging/bashing.


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