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Private post please. For a friend- Please no bashing. Can anyone help me or if y…

Private post please. For a friend-
Please no bashing. Can anyone help me or if you have been in a similar situation could u give any advice. I am suffering for pregnancy related anxiety. I have anxiety outwith pregnancy but it is heightened to the extent I struggle daily to keep it together while pregnant. I have 3 daughters and I am expecting our much longed for son and I am terrified something is going to happen to him. I am 20 weeks. I struggle to interact with my girls as my mind is so consumed with the worst happening I can’t even hear properly sometimes. I have multiple anxiety attacks everyday. I have nightmares about my baby dying and having to bury him. I google every possible bad outcome so that I can somehow prepare and prevent them and I know how crazy this all sounds this is the first I’ve written it down and I am embarrassed. I have been offered medication but was warned it may have ill effects for the baby and I would need fortnightly scans if I started them so my anxiety will just not allow me to take anything, but then I cannot get rid of the anxiety without doing so. It is a catch 22. I am completely miserable. I am not a great mother to my girls in my current state yet they are the only thing keeping me going. Talking doesn’t help, cbt doesn’t help (all tried in previous pregnancies) and I’m just not sure how much longer I can carry on like this. No-one understands. My consultant and midwife are both aware and I’m not even sure what I’m expecting from this post but I am just feeling very mentally drained and fragile at the moment and don’t know where else to turn


4 thoughts on “Private post please. For a friend- Please no bashing. Can anyone help me or if y…

  • I no how u feeling hun, I suffer everyday with anxiety an all these thoughts that go thro your head are horrible as I well no I’m on meds, but u need to stay strong at this time hun hope all goes well for u x anxiety is a horrible thing x

  • ok, start with trying to rationaise your thoughts – doing this is having negative effects, right?. Write the worries you have on a piece of paper, read them through and then throw them away. Talk to yourself in a positive way that all ill be ok ( you’ve had 3 previous successful pregnancies so no reason this one won’t be too! – right?). Try and focus on the positive things like getting your girls involved in welcoming their brother, preparing his room and making him welcome cards or pics and choosing his name. You could also try distracting yourself to stop these negative thoughts, do something else or ping an elastic on your wrist to recognise them. As soon as you start thinking bad things about your unborn baby switch your mind or an image in your mind to something nice, you could try meditation (loads on utube) to help with this. Take care.

  • Wow. That’s tough. There are baby safe anti anxiety meds. Atarax, propranolol, for starters. I would STRONGLY support you getting together with an actual psychiatrist and getting some help. All that stress is no good for baby.


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