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Private post please Hi I’m looking for advice off someone with similar situatio…

Private post please Hi I’m looking for advice off someone with similar situation. My 1 year old has been in and out of hospital since she was 7 months old some times she’s in for weeks at a time with breathing problems (low oxygen levels) it’s a nightmare. The slightest sniffle of a cold and we know it’s going straight to her chest and we will be in the hospital with her in a day or two. Every time we have been to hospital they say it’s chest infection or bronchilitous and put on antibiotics. She’s had X-rays that show mucus and fluid on lungs. Due to see lung specialist in June. Any advice please at wits end. Xx


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  • My 3yr old was same finally diagnosed asthma was put on montilukast and inhalers. I removed all teddies of bed open windows wen poss let in fresh at 3 stil gets colds easy but no inhalers no infections this yr.

  • My 9 month old has been like that since he was born.. I pushed for a heart scan a couple of months back and turns out he has a hole in the heart cause oxygen levels to drop and catch infections.. He’s been put on inhalers to help and due to see the consultant on the 31st to discuss treatment xx

  • I feel your fustration. My son is now 15 months old and has been in and out since he caight pneumonia at 9 weeks old whoch scarred his lungs. Since then hes been in everytime he gets a cold pretty much. although we now had diagnosos for dairy allegy which affects chest apparently. He also has asthma. Sorry camt be of much help but if anything like my boy he has got slightly better as he got older with coping with the colds and breathing difficulties..hope your little one is better soon and chesy starts to cope better as they get bigger xx xx

  • I have been through this with my 2 younger kids my middle girl has floppy windpipe so colds can put her in hospital and the youngest whos 2 is suspected asthmatic only thing i can say in my experience is take it as it comes trust your motherly instincts and push doctors and hospitals to make sure you get answers xx

  • I had the same with my now nearly 5 year old. The first 2.5yrs of his life was spent in and out hospital needing oxygen and getting bronchitis and chest infections. He was then diagnosed with bronchial asthma and was on steroids and his inhalers everyday. Hes alof better now and hasnt been taken into hospital for nearly 18months but push push and push more for answers x

  • Going through this with my 9 week old he’s due to have camera put down him in Sep wish it was sooner

  • Same for my two year old Hun! Although we do have a diagnosis of asthma now xxx


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