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private post please. its a long one folks so please bare with me. I had my littl…

private post please. its a long one folks so please bare with me. I had my little girl with my ex partner in 2010, since breaking up in 2012 I was an active father with a full time job and all the whatnots. In 2013 my ex stopped me seeing my little girl because I had a new partner I went quite a while without seeing her and after much emotional stress and plenty of solicitors letters and court appearances later I regained contact with her(best day of my life). I got my contact order and things were running smoothly for over a year and out of the blue she took her away again, I was so disheartened by the justice system as it was and went back to my solicitor to alert them of what she had done, I got a bad feeling from a solicitor and the whole situation that I was about to enter it all over again, My emotions just couldn’t take it and I put eveything on hold as I believed I would just be doing this all over again for nothing. It has been 9 months since I seen her and really want to put up one last fight to let my wee girl have her dad back and vice versa. Can anyone give advice on this?. can anyone shed light on how I really go about approaching this whole situation. I know the whole solicitors letters thing will not fix it as My ex is extremely unreasonable and hates my guts. can I enforce my rights without having to pay thousands again?. you all know the love you have for your kids, mine is all I have, surely someone knows something. DAD IN NEED. unnecessary info but I am single, stable and employed with my own place, I dont take drugs and dont and have never ever done anything to merit this kind of deprivation. peace out folks. any help would be appreciated x


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  • Take her back to court they can put an enforcement order on your contact order, call your court and get the forms don’t bother with solicitors you don’t need them, write everything down and write a letter to hand to the judge on the day, good luck

  • Its possible to represent yourself to save on solicitor fee’s. My brother did. Took him awhile to regain regular access but managed in the end.
    Maybe get in touch with that group (dads 4 justice i think)

  • Sorry your going through this I think the justice system stinks where father’s are concerned and don’t get me started on mum’s who deprive their child of a father who are they to play God the only advice I have is keep fighting have you tried mediation at all with your child’s mother?

  • You could obtain the papers again directly from the court and pay the one off admin fee and represent your self? My oh did this the fee is less than 300 and the local court where your last hearing can advise you how to go about this legal aid has stopped now so your ex will find it costly too the court may want you to try mediation first too good luck

  • You can represent yourself, I would ring the court for advice on how to do this as you have previously been to court. Good luck


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