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Private post please iv jus found out I’m pregnant to my partner of 3 years I hav…

Private post please iv jus found out I’m pregnant to my partner of 3 years I have 2 children from a previous partner who hasn’t botherd for 6 years my partner has brought them up as his own I fled my home town due to dV from my ex I have no one were I live no friends no family no one our relationship was perfect with my current partner I found I was pregnant with my first son we got engaged started planning our wedding then when I went to hospital in labour at 34 weeks our son had passed away and everything went wrong we were hanging by a thred I fell pregnant again and he was so cold towards me didn’t support me was quite horrible to me saying. Your only pregnant when I was worried about coin things never really looked after me through my most difficult time even tboughhr new I. Didn’t have anyone he jus kept saying I’m selfish to expect him to put his feelings aside because he was going through the exact same thing iv recently found out to he’s been running back to his mum slagging my parenting off all the time saying I’m bsicalg a rubbish mum, I had a infection in my womb when I was 5 weeks post partum and had an stomach bug I got rushed to hospital with extremely low blood pressure and one morning I couldn’t move to get the kids ready he walked in and said I was a shit mum because there’s people with cancer that manage to get up in the morning and get there kids to school I started a course and he said I jus want him to stay at home and watch all my kids while I make something of myself when ye won’t get a job because he can’t deal with our son passin , today I found out I am pregnant he’s come in while in was clearly upset and sat there telling me hiw his heads up his arseand he doesn’t no what he wants then he got stresses and started shouting at me saying he didn’t want another baby he jus wanted his daughter and that was it and basically blaming me I broke down and was crying my eyes out and asked for the car keys so I could go get some space and he came out with what so your just gonna leave the baby here are you and huffed I walked off came back and went to lie down and he’s jus come dumped our daughter on the bed and walked out I don’t no what to do I’m so !ost I don’t have anyone and I don’t no what to do about my relationship andi don’t no how to manage 4 young. Children can anyone give me any advice please


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