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Private post please – sorry for the long message in advance! Last year I was in…

Private post please – sorry for the long message in advance!
Last year I was in a brief relationship, found out I was pregnant and now have a beautiful 5 month old little boy. His dad kept changing his mind on whether he was the dad or not (even though I knew he was as he was the only person I was with) anyway I said he’s welcome to a dna but I’m not paying for it due to me provincial everything by myself for our son I haven’t got money to spare! So his mum paid for one and it came back showing he is his son. I’ve never had financial support and he’s only ever seen him 3 times. I’d rather he was there as a dad as to be honest as nice as it would be to have a bit extra money towards things I’d rather my baby just have a dad.
We have now agreed that he will come round once a week to spend time with him. I suggested maybe going out somewhere with our little boy next week as he’s a completely different child when we are out. But he has no money to go anywhere, and keeps getting money off his mum. I feel bad as she didn’t make our baby we did so it’s not her place to have to pay for him to go out with his son! But he refuses to sign on or get a job. (I’ve always worked so I’ve saved money before maternity leave).
I don’t trust him to have him on his own, he’s not in the birth certificate as he never turned up despite me telling him when and where it was.
He’d rather be out with his friends drinking, but has no money to spend a morning out. There’s a farm near me which is only £5 and a brilliant day out and my little boy loves it!
It’s just winding me up he didn’t get the dna sorted till last week! So he’s missed out on five months and I’ve had to do it all alone! Might soumd horrible but I want him to see everything, how my little how is when he’s out how alert he his and also I want him to understand it’s not that easy! This might make no sense but I just needed a rant! X


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