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Really need some help from other mothers out there feeling emotional and confus…

Really need some help from other mothers out there 😞 feeling emotional and confused. My partner likes to go out drinking which I’m usually fine with, he works hard etc, we’ve been together 2 years, getting married in three months we have a 10 month old and my 6 year old from a previous relationship. Last night he really upset me, his phone died early in the night I was told it wouldn’t be a heavy night which I was fine with, he didn’t roll in till 8:30 this morning!! I’m so upset by then mostly because he promised my 6 year old park today then was obviously to hanging so I took her, thing is this isn’t the first time, over the last few years iv had this issue, not every weekend but usually twice a month he’ll go out then tell me he’ll be an hour or something which is totally cool but it’s always a lot later, I’m starting to really lose it with him, I wrote him a letter explaining my feelings, basically it said he keeps disrespecting me and I feel I can’t trust him, I feel he constantly takes the piss, I never go he does a lot, I’m not asking for much just a full battery just in case of emergencies, to keep me updated not every hour but when he’ll be back, we’ve had chats about how I feel, how always last minute him going out is, me never getting invited and how it’s never a heavy night but always ends up that way, then obviously the next day!!! I’m just getting upset because I thought he understood after I explained then goes and does the same again! My question is, what would you do? I want to marry him of course I love him but if I’m not 100% I won’t do it if he’ll always be disrespecting me. Please help me 😞 thank you for reading sorry it’s long


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