Right Now They Take Everything From Me

Right now, they take everything from me.

My time.

My energy.

My prayers.

My sleep.

My body.

My passion.

My sense of order.

My last bite.

My income.

My breath.

My space.

My plans.

My progress.

My career.

My ears.

My voice.

My hands.

My hugs.

My heart.

Right now, they take everything from us.

But right now, we’re everything to them.

We’re in the thick of sacrifice and long days and little sleep and immense disorder.

Yet in this season with young ones, we are more needed and adored than ever. Arguably more so than we may ever be again.

This fleeting season is a fleeting opportunity.

An opportunity to build an unshakeable bond that remains when we are less needed, less adored in future days.

Let us live out this opportunity well.

*via Paige Pippin

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