Something Positive In These Tough Times

My elderly father lives alone. Like many elderly people in the U.K., he has been instructed to self-isolate for his own safety and order his groceries online. Despite multiple attempts to place an online grocery order with three supermarkets – a struggle in itself for my father – no delivery slots were available any time in the next two weeks.

I suggested that he contact his local Member of Parliament for Broxbourne, Sir Charles Walker, to inform him that this is a problem many of his elderly constituents may be facing.

My father emailed his M.P. very late yesterday evening. This morning, Sir Charles Walker turned up at my father’s house and left five bags of groceries outside the front door as a gift – the groceries visible in this picture.

Half of the cost of the groceries was met by the people of the local community and half by the M.P. himself out of his own pocket.

Having read numerous stories of avarice and profiteering in this time of COVID-19, I wanted to share one of humanity, generosity and kindness. There was no political capital to be made here. No-one other than my father knew that it had happened. There was no expectation of publicity or media coverage. It was a simple act of human kindness by someone who cared.

On behalf of my father: thank you Sir Charles Walker, M.P. – one knight of the realm who was clearly wearing his shining armour today.


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  • 10th April 2020 at 9:44 am

    Great post and great idea ! I have just started out blogging and it’s great to see some inspiring stories !


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